Embroidery Information:

Custom embroidery is the process of creating decorative designs on apparel with thread and an embroidery machine.

The price for embroidery is based on two factors:

    • The first factor is the size and complexity of the design. This is based on the amount of stitches needed to create your design. When a customer requests an estimate of an embroidered design we usually need to see it to give you an accurate quote.At Shirt Stop we use a process called digitizing to have your logo, or design set up.


     is a process that uses a computerized program to set up your design, this is a format that the embroidery machine can read. Before a design can be embroidered, it must first be converted to this format. There is usually a small fee for this process.
  • The second factor is the quantity of items that will be embroidered and the locations. The more items that are embroidered with same deign, the lower the price per item. Keep in mind that embroidery on a cap or visor is different then on a polo shirt, sweatshirt, or any other flat garment.